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Visit Tips

With donor support, Animal Birth Control Clinic is a non-profit that provides access to affordable veterinary care. 

Review our helpful website first. You will find prices, and request links to make required appointments for both preventive, healthy pet visits, and also for your pet's spay/neuter surgery. We have two phone lines with two staff members to help those without text or email if you have the ability. Depending on volume, if our phone staff miss your call, it may take 1/2 day to get to return your voicemail, if you really need to communicate by phone after reviewing the website

       Email:       or     Text the main line:  254-776-7303 

Spay/Neuter Surgery Appointments


Surgery appointments are open for McLennan County cats and dogs. Schedule easily online. Heartworm tests, microchips, vaccinations, and flea/tick/heartworm prevention can be given while your cat or dog, kitten or puppy is here on the day of the surgery. Outdoor cats arriving Mon- Thurs in traps do not need an appointment for surgery. 

Drive-Thru Window or Shipping for

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medication Refills

  1. If your cat or dog is due for a 12 month prescription visit, make an appointment well in advance of the next dose. 

  2. Easy options to request a refill: 


* ABC saves you money with significant clinic-only rebates on medications to help your household budget. When you buy from ABC you help provide spay/neuter and vet care for the many animals in our community that need access to affordable vet care like spay/neuter, heartworm disease treatment and prevention and critical vaccinations. 


We are grateful that you "sPay it forward" for animals in our community. ​​

Appointments for Vaccinations, Heartworm Tests, and more (non-surgical)

McLennan County pets in need of vaccination boosters, deworming, rabies vaccinations, heartworm testing are by appointment only, Mon- Fri 9:00am-2:00pm. 

  • Curbside optional process: once you've arrived for your appointment, text "ARRIVED" to 254-776-7303. Then you will get a phone call or text when the exam room is ready for your pet. We are now curbside optional: 1 person per pet family may walk direct to and from the exam room. Masks must be worn properly the entire time indoors and in the exam room, regardless of COVID vaccine status. See you soon! 

Make donations and view our wish list needs:

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