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Rent a trap.

  • Call or text our clinic at (254) 776-7303 to confirm availability.

  • Pick up at the front window - 3238 Clay Avenue, Waco, Tx, 76711

  • Pay $50 deposit per trap. If you request, this will be returned when the trap is returned to us. 

  • Sign the Trap Rental Agreement and go through a quick orientation.

  • Ask questions.



  • Set up a feeding schedule for cats to increase likelihood of trapping success.

  • Set up traps when ready to bring them in.​​

    • Pick a shady area.​

    • Set it on grass or another surface that will not get too hot
      set up on a blanket. 

  • Place a tiny amount of food in the trap on the day before surgery.​

  • Check traps often. 


Bring cat to the clinic.

  • Place a sheet or towel over the carrier.

  • Bring cat in trap:

    • Monday through Thursday between 7:15am and 3pm.​

  • You may bring up to 5 trapped cats in at a time. ​



  • Take the trap back to your home.

  • Release the next morning after surgery (about 12 hours).

  • Return trap to clinic.

    • If you need to keep the trap(s) longer, please email or text/call the clinic at (254) 776-7303.​

    • You will be charged a fee unless you communicate with the Outreach team.

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