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1.  Rent a Trap

  • Text ABC at (254) 776-7303 to confirm availability. If using your own, squirrel-size traps are not safe and won't be accepted. 

  • Pick up at the front window - 3238 Clay Avenue, Waco, Tx, 76711

  • Pay $50 deposit per trap for one week of use. If you like, the deposit will be returned when the trap is returned to us, use it toward the cost of care, or donate it to help the clinic's community work. 

  • Sign the Trap Rental Agreement and go through a quick orientation.

  • Ask questions.

  • Costs of care: Cat Neuter $30, Cat Spay $40, Rabies $15, Feline Vaccinations $30. If you need help with the cost of the surgery portion, ask clinic staff when you rent a trap or prior to services. For a very limited time, we may have the feline vaccinations at no charge. 


2.  Trap

  • Use a predictable feeding schedule to increase likelihood of trapping success.

  • Pick a shady area at or near where the cats normally eat.

  • Set the traps on grass or another surface that will not get hot or on a blanket. 

  • Place a spoonful of food just inside the unset trap on the day before trapping and surgery to help the cat be comfortable with the trap. 

  • Check traps often after setting them. 

3.  Transporting the cat to the clinic

  • Place a sheet or towel over the carrier to calm the cat for the ride.

  • Bring cat in the trap, do not open or attempt to transport the cat to a carrier or separate two that may be captured at once.

  • Bring cats in traps on Monday through Thursday between 7:15am and 5pm.​ (avoid Thursdays 3-4pm). 

  • Cats in traps do not need an appointment. They must get an eartip. If you don't want an eartip for a cat, schedule an appointment and bring the friendly cat in a carrier or crate. 

  • Cats in carriers or crates require appointments. 

  • You may bring up to 5 trapped cats in at a time. ​


4.  Return the morning after surgery

  • Release the trapped to the cat's outdoor home where it feels safe and relies on knowledge of food, water, shelter and accepting kitty friends.

  • Trap again right away or return trap to clinic (they are needed by others).

  • If you need to keep the trap(s) longer, email or text/call the clinic at (254) 776-7303.​

  • We have a limited trap bank, so fees will be charged for traps returned after a week unless you communicate with the Outreach team; 2 week max.

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