Read each of the following tips prior to scheduling your appointment for McLennan County pets:


Drop off 7:15am-8:15am; pick up 4:00pm-5:00pm (we close at 5:30pm)

You will receive a confirmation email after your appointment has been reviewed and released 2-3 business days after scheduling. You will also get a reminder email, text or call 1-2 days prior to your cat or dog's appointment.

If you cannot keep the appointment, let us know by text or email at least 24 hours in advance, so this opening can be used by another cat or dog that really needs it.

The surgery age range is 3 months (12 weeks) to 7 years for cats and dogs (younger and older exceptions are at veterinarian's discretion).

Use the Note Field to ask questions as we set up and confirm your pet's appointment.

One cat per carrier or crate; place only a sheet or two of newspaper, puppy pad, (or IF neither is available, a hand towel) inside the carrier. 

If you have an outdoor cat that hasn't been in a carrier or trap before, read through this trapping tips page to make the process easier on your cat and safer for you, too. Trapped cats do not need a surgery appointment. Arrive 7:15am-8:15am, or text or email us if a special arrangement is needed.

If you are on government assistance, or need a portion of the surgery cost sponsored by a donor, one-time household, surgical cost help may be available.  Use the note field to mention your need. If you have received surgery funding help in the past, you may still use the clinic's services at our regular (partially donor-funded) prices.


If you can give, donations are needed and deeply appreciated! Our surgery prices are significantly below our actual expenses so that most area families can afford our base fees. 


Your pet can easily get testing, vaccinations and a microchip on the day of surgery.


If your pet is current on its vaccinations or your dog is currently receiving monthly heartworm prevention (with a test in the last 12 months) bring or email a copy of the prevention purchases and test results on the morning of surgery -

Tip: if you have more than one pet to bring on one day, choose 2-3 days beyond the first available spot to help ensure that the number of spots you need are available. You can also ask the scheduler to combine pets in the note field. 


If you have a pregnant cat or dog, this is more urgent, so mention this in the Note Field, text 254-776-7303, or contact your primary care veterinary clinic to check appointment availability.