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Drive-thru Pharmacy

Pickup Monday - Friday 7:15am-5:00pm

Closed Thursdays 3-4pm for staff training

  • Allow 1 full business day to fill your order. It will be held for one week before we must restock it.  

  • You will be texted when your order is ready to be picked up.

  • Your cat or dog must be a current ABC veterinary patient for us to fill prescriptions and refills. We need to see your pet within the last 12 months to satisfy a state required Client-Patient-Veterinarian relationship. You may walk in for this visit (no appointment) since your pet needs nothing else. There is no office visit fee at this time, though we need donations to help with costs. (Our nonprofit community clinic is unable to fill 3rd party pharmacy prescriptions.)

  • Your dog must have a current heartworm test and not miss more than 6 consecutive months of doses from the last test. If so, schedule a heartworm test appointment online before so we can refill your pets prescription. 

  • Urgent flea issue? Ask our staff member for a quality flea medication that is non-prescription in the meantime (so we can get your pet flea medication before you have the time to bring them in). 

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