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After 18 years at ABC, this work still “holds up”. My heart swells with happiness on a daily basis hearing snippets of loving ways staff members connect and care for so many families, cats, and dogs.


My mind is challenged as we seek effective ways to support the clinic’s activities with the additional financial challenges of increasing costs. We are never willing to sacrifice quality of care, so this places us in a clear pinch.


Helping many local animals in this special way, with you, still makes sense because of the difference it truly makes in people’s lives and those of their pets.


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Our commitment to help animals in impactful and efficient ways will never waver. Stick with us! We and the animals need you every day!

Mission Spotlight

Our outreach team met Heather and her adorable pup, Sheeba. Heather left an unhealthy living situation in 2020. After living alone in area homeless camps and shelters for two years, Heather saw Sheeba running loose on the streets of Waco.
Sheeba was in terrible shape when Heather found her. She was emaciated from a lack of proper nutrition and veterinary care. All of that would change with love from Heather and support from ABC's Outreach Team.
Our Outreach Team provided transportation for Heather and Sheeba to get to the clinic where Sheeba received vaccinations, regular dog food, deworming, flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, as well as care for a large, painful abscess on her face.
We are thrilled to report that Heather was able to qualify for special housing and that she and Sheba are moving into their new home. They are looking forward to a happy and healthy life together!

We are not a shelter.

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Few cats and dogs entering the shelter are spayed or neutered. Access to affordable vet services and other animal care resources efficiently keep pets healthy, happy and with their families that love them. Each animal shelter intake costs taxpayers over $600 vs $120 for one-time full vetting at ABC.


GRATEFUL for you

"I wouldn't be able to have my pets without the help I receive from you. I love all of you. You help with the unconditional love of pets." - Nancy M.

I've used ABC since 2015 when I rescued my first of many kittens. They make caring for not only my pets, but the community pets as well, easy and affordable. Not to mention everybody is super polite every time I'm in there.

- Shyenne

Current Impact Numbers

Preventative Care 16347 9171 950 172 1192 665 1504 804 525 1316 1515 708 1436 721 1413 668

The staff was so kind, even with my very scared of the vet pup. So thankful for all the aftercare help and guidance for recovery afterwards as well!

- Bailey

CommC.A.T. - TNR

2,151 Community cats TNR spay/neuter, rabies & ear-tipped in 2022






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One of ABC's core values is Commitment to Social Change. Transforming the ways cats are cared for with TNR is the most impactful way to create a No-Kill community and shelter.


ABC welcomes cats redirected from the shelter and community. Cats receive life-saving and preventive vet care from the team. They are then returned to their kitty communities healthier and happier without the threat of euthanasia.

Your help and support continues this impactful and necessary program and improve all the lives of
our community.

If you have included us in your estate plans, we want to include you in our Arms of Love Circle of Friends. Give us a call at 254-776-7303.

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