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Humane and Human


Just ask. I find personal delight in hearing any little things about the cats and dogs people have. The shared casual connection over a cat or dog feels so nice, no matter how different we are as individuals.


Assumptions and judgements have no value in ABC's ways of connecting and caring, especially for the many first-time pet owners for which we care. I hope you will join me (and the ABC team) to reach out to someone (wherever you are) with simple, kind curiosity. 

Together, let's connect and care for more people and pets.

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We are not a shelter.

Few cats and dogs entering the shelter are spayed or neutered. Access to affordable vet services and other animal care resources efficiently keep pets healthy, happy and with their families that love them. Each animal shelter intake costs taxpayers over $600 vs $120 for one-time full vetting at ABC.

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EDUCATION and Resources

ABC's Outreach Van Program is unique in that it goes to the pets and their owners with door-to-door care to benefit first-time pet owners in neighborhoods most in need.


The new van purchased in 2021 also provides transportation for pets or owners who temporarily or permanently cannot get to the clinic.


Harvey is a senior military veteran and animal lover.

Treasured Tails is an ABC program that provides care for pets of people like Harvey who rely on Meals on Wheels. With transportation and free veterinary care, Harvey and his wife can keep their 5 dogs healthy (and the occasional stray.) 

Buddy is a smiling 2 year old mix going through heartworm treatment. He also received his yearly vaccines before being transported back home by Jan, a caring, dedicated volunteer.


Treasured Tails

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Medical Care

Tours, shadowing, training and externships for students:

  • McLennan Community College Veterinary Technician program 

  • Communities in Schools Student Work Program

  • College of Veterinary Medicine Externships

  • Elementary through high school 

  • Baylor Pre-Vet Student Association

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GRATEFUL for you

"I wouldn't be able to have my pets without the help I receive from you. I love all of you. You help with the unconditional love of pets." - Nancy M.

"The people are professional and show compassion for the animals. Lola was back to normal within 24 hours of her surgery and never seemed in pain. Within 48 hours it was difficult to see the incision. Last but not least, the cost of everything was unbelievably inexpensive. I recommend the Animal Birth Control Clinic to anyone that needs them" - Lee

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Current Impact Numbers


CommC.A.T. - TNR

2,215 Community cats TNR spay/neuter, rabies & ear-tipped






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One of ABC's core values is Commitment to Social Change. Transforming the ways cats are cared for with TNR is the most impactful way to create a No-Kill community and shelter.


ABC welcomes cats redirected from the shelter and community. Cats receive life-saving and preventive vet care from the team. They are then returned to their kitty communities healthier and happier without the threat of euthanasia.

Your help and support continues this impactful and necessary program and improve all the lives of
our community.

If you have included us in your estate plans, we want to include you in our Arms of Love Circle of Friends. Give us a call at 254-776-7303.

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