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Will we run out of animals who need our help?

The short answer is no. 


We understand that people’s circumstances in life sometimes change outside of their control.

We feel strongly that the special bond between humans and their treasured animal friends should be maintained, especially during difficult times when they need each other the most.


We invite you to partner with us to continue improving the quality of life of all animals in Central Texas by making a gift now or considering a planned estate gift in the future. Although we won't run out of animals who need help, we hope we will also never run out of people like you who are willing and eager to help them.

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We are not a shelter.

With five fully-licensed veterinary surgeons and strong, caring support staff, ABC’s work reduces the flow of animals into local rescues and shelters. Through kind, strategic and collaborative programs, ABC reaches underserved families and pets across our community. Animal control feedback, as well as shelter intake and euthanasia data, help determine the animals and areas that most need help.

ABC is committed to hiring more skilled veterinarians and technicians and continuing training partnerships with area schools and universities. We will continue our critical work to sustain Waco's 90 percent live-release rates by reducing the need for unnecessary shelter intake.

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saved in taxpayer dollars per spay/neuter surgery

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fewer shelter intakes since 2011 at the Waco/ McLennan County Regional Shelter


spay/neuter surgeries for cats & dogs, preventing thousands of homeless cats and dogs and reducing the burden on neighborhoods, rescues, and shelters.


community cats ear-tipped through ABC's Community Cat TNR program.

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decrease in euthanasia at area shelters since 2011.


heartworm tests provided. Buying preventative pet meds from ABC helps fund affordable spay/neuter surgeries.

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Treasured Tails

Imagine being stuck alone at home and not being able to afford care for your pet.

Nobody should be forced to give up a treasured friend. With your help, ABC helps keep seniors united with their pets, the pets that may be the only companions they may have. Your gifts keep families together.

Judith’s pet is her meal partner, her cuddle buddy, her mood booster, and a favorite topic of conversation. 

For the long days and years ahead, ABC is there to keep them united and healthy.

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Outreach Programs

Our cheerful van and relatable outreach team weaves through neighborhoods that desperately need access to vet care. Families are welcoming and open to the information and help for the animals they love. 

Additionally, ABC works strategically to reach thousands of children and young adults in schools, festivals, health fairs, and especially right at their front door. You help create warm conversations centered on animals that create a human warmth and connection like no other topic can.

ABC is planting seeds of understanding of basic animal love and care, basic medical concepts like heartworm disease, and careers in animal and human medicine. With your help, students know ABC will be there for them in the future when they take on their first pet. Community interactions are crucial for the future of Central Texas!

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Collaborative efforts across the community helped shift from intake and euthanasia of thousands of cats.

Feral cats are now Trapped, Neutered, and Returned to their familiar outdoor homes.






One of ABC's core values is Commitment to Social Change. Transforming the ways cats should be cared for with TNR is the single most impactful way to create a No-Kill community and shelter.


ABC welcomes cats redirected from the shelter and community. Cats receive necessary vet care from the team and then are returned to their kitty communities healthier and happier without the threat of euthanasia.


Your help and support continues this impactful and necessary program and improve all the lives of
our community.

If you have included us in your estate plans, we want to include you in our Arms of Love Circle of Friends. Give us a call at 254-776-7303.

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